i miss my ombre hair and why can’t it stay summer
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Ha!! Yeah, Vegan’s why don’t you marry it???? You bunch of poopyfaced stupidheads. I double da…..no….screw that!!! I triple dog dare you to say something in return. You probably can’t cause you’re are filled with cooties from eating there food. Nothing thrills me more than knowing great work being shared (2240 favorites and 1151 retweets). The world is a bright shining beacon of introspective thought. It’s all gonna be just fine and dandy.

p.s. “plants have feelings too” - albert einstein
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i dunno why im so shiny in these pictures
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fuck you brain, i was almost asleep until you made me suddenly think about how I will inevitably die one day and be sucked into a dark mysterious abyss of nothingness.

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